Encounter 3: Saufeeya of Hijab Fashion




Questions we've asked long before Mode-ste, and still today are about extremities in clothing. Why is Modesty boring? Why is fashionable, immodest & impractical? Why is there no in between? 

Thankfully to a select few leaders and innovators, Modest fashion is on the rise. Every day it is getting more grounded, more believable, and ultimately more respected in the Fashion community. 

Modesty today doesn't have to mean boring. Modesty today doesn't have to mean unfashionable, and Modesty today doesn't have to mean far out Eastern clothing with rhinestones, glitter and all the colours of the rainbow incorporated on a garment. Just a few years ago, it meant just that, but due to the sincere efforts, work and absolutely inspirational style of the powerhouse duo behind Hijab Fashion and other leaders, Modest and Fashionable are blending together and are finally coming to the mainstream where they ought to be.

People come from all walks of life, different cultures, different tastes and different experiences and this leads to vast, diverse perspectives. At Mode-ste, we are students of the game, we live and breathe fashion, from the works of High End Minimalist Designer Christophe Lemaire, to the truly contemporary and fashion forward House of St. Laurent Paris, we are able to study the fashion world from a holistic point of view and curate a collection that is designed, cut and sewn exclusively by us, with no middle men. 

When it comes to Hijab Fashion, we instantly fell in love with the duo of Saufeeya and Safiyah as, simply put, "They Get It". They understand the likes of Saint Laurent Paris, the classic and foundational Sportswear entity, Nike and all of this really made us wanting to know more and more about Hijab Fashion. Their work has put so many brands, fashion lines and designers on the map, through one simple distilled idea, "Style". You can not buy style, you can not buy taste and this, in our sincere viewpoint, is what sets them apart from all Fashion Curators. With an absolutely insane following, that clings and applauds their viewpoint of the Modest fashion world every day, they are a team that has set the bar for Modest Fashion. They are not trend followers, or trend watchers, they are trend setters taking the Modest Fashion game by storm. To think a young duo like Safiyah and Saufeeya, could make such a massive impact on millions of people is both inspirational and truly unheard of. We aren't surprised to say the least though. They have consistently backed some of the best lines and some of the best street style. When your viewpoint is so universally good, there is no reason not to get to the levels they've gotten.

Something we feel is always missed when speaking of an influential entity, like that of Hijab Fashion, is some of the more subtle points, which in turn are also some of the most important points. Yes they help brands, yes they post epic street style photos, yes they can pick out the sickest pair of Nike runners, but there is so much more to them if you just look and contemplate.

When we contemplate, we can't even imagine the amount of sisters that have been brought into the Modest game because of these two. How many sisters would still be dressed in overly revealing ways if it weren't for Hijab Fashion? The beauty of their work is that it provides a contemporary, on point avenue for women who may regularly shy away from Modest clothing because it is perceived as dry, boring and drab. They've helped create a niche that's been needed for so long, and as impressed as we are by their style, we are even more impressed by the spotlight they've provided to sisters all around the world looking for like minded individuals who are both stylish and modest, and not exclusively one. Additionally, they consistently post imagery related to the Quran, Makkah, Madinah, Activism and all this adds up to: Beautiful. When you are on a high stage and you put this influence to good and spotlight that which is beneficial, we can only imagine the rewards that are being sent to them inshaAllah. They are Power Women.

Saufeeya and Safiyah, jazakAllahukhayr for your work, your efforts and your influence in this sphere of Fashion. You have answered our Why? Why? and Why? and have provided us an alternative. For this, we thank you.

Let's start with an intro Safiyah and Saufeeya. Who are you, besides Hijab Fashion? What is your relationship and how did both of you fall into the Fashion scene?:

Besides Hijab Fashion we are professionals in the workplace and students! We've both grown to become close friends, we're very compatible with each other. Although we're across the world from each other, we still find time and manage Hijab Fashion.

We've both had different journeys when coming into the Fashion scene. Neither of us expected to grow as much as we have, it all started with one ootd photo, followed by another.
Did you ever expect such a huge and loyal following through your social media platforms? What was the beginning like, before you were household names?:
We never expected Hijab Fashion to come this far! We are truly humbled, it has been and continues to be an inspiring experience. The beginning was a more difficult process. Modest Fashion blogging was gradually growing at the time, over the past few years modest fashion blogging has rapidly increased.
What are your long terms plans with Hijab Fashion? Additionally, can you share any exciting future plans for both of you?:
Hijab Fashion has potential to be so much more. We are working on bringing Modest Fashion to the next level, Insha'Allah! Right now, we're working on a few things and they are to be announced in the near future, keep a look out!
How would you describe your own styles? What are some of your favourite points about each other's style?:

We both have very different styles and taste in fashion!

Safiyah definitely has a cool and casual tone about her style. Her style is very practical and sporty, I personally love it and find it best suited for everyday errands, work and school!

Saufeeya has a more feminine and elegant style. Her style is also very Dubai inspired, very glam. She has a love for flowy skirts, but she can also pull off casual and sporty!
Have you ever thought about working within the fashion industry, as designers, stylists or other roles?:
We both are very different when it comes to our careers.
Safiyah is very free spirited and enjoys sharing her personal style.
Saufeeya on the other hand would like to eventually be a stylist sometime during her career, promoting modesty.
We've already touched upon this in the text, but at Mode-Ste we recognize that further than the outer appearance of your work, there are more subtle points that you guys accomplish every day. Religious reminders, travel photography and just generally providing a young, energetic and contemporary perspective of Modest Fashion that is accessible to everyone. Is there anything we're missing behind the lines, any other inspirational work you're completing that may not be so obvious without a behind the scenes look?:
Our main goal has been to provide a platform for the modest woman, specifically women that wear hijab. It takes a lot of work, and effort to make it all come together but it’s worth it! We love providing inspiration to others, while supporting modest brands and modest bloggers. We try to do our best to feature a variety of styles, with women from all different walks of life. It’s not an easy task, but we’re happy to be able to provide this platform and hope to continue, insha’Allah. We’re both glad we’ve been able to work together, although we’re in two different parts of the world. Team work, makes the dream work!
Who is one of your day to day inspirations, the classical unknown hero in your life that everyone needs to know ?:
At Hijab Fashion, we are inspired daily by all women. We believe in empowering each other, that is part of why Hijab Fashion exists, a support system showcasing modest fashion. We’re inspired by the; strength, courage, intellect and spirit of women. They encourage us to push ourselves and do better in all aspects of our lives. Hijab Fashion encourages women to be fierce, while being comfortable in their own skin.
Usually wearing a head scarf (or hijab) is a sign that a woman is trying to project modesty. Why do you wear the hijab, what does it mean to you and why do you dress the way you do?:
Hijab to us is a form of submission to Allah SWT, although we promote the outter appearance of modesty, we do realize hijab is more than a head scarf - it is in the way we act, speak and live. Hijab has become a part of our lives, we dress modestly as it’s prescribed by Islam for us to do so.

Saufeeya is Wearing Mode-ste:

(1) Top: Oversized Batwing - Dusty Rose

(2) Skirt: Essential Pencil - Blanche


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    I simply wanted to congratulate you on your business. I think what your doing is wonderful for the community. Your selection is modest yet relevant in 2015 and i think its a breath of fresh air to look at. Congrats and all the best.

    Montreal, Canada

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