Vision 2: Coffee and the Perfection of Our Craft

There is something inherently beautiful about coffee. From its very core, the taste is something that has billions of people coming for more and more everyday. It helps some relax, it helps some complete the job, it's there during intense study sessions, it's there at the crack of dawn, it's there for a mid day boost and it is truly a beautiful thing. The true beauty of the bean is when you take care of it from the first step to the last. 

Tim Hortons, Starbucks, 7-11 all have their place, but somewhere along their chain there is a void, a step that is missing. Whether that is mass production, sourcing issues, uninspired taste, generic roasting procedures, there is a piece of the puzzle that does not fit. We are by no means coffee connoisseurs, or understand all the details and rich nuances that go into making that perfect cup of coffee, or that shot of espresso, but we are on the perimeters and take joy in seeing true coffee makers and roasters perfect their craft to bring us an absolutely satisfying cup for those times when we need it.

One day strolling on 17th Ave, in Downtown Calgary, Canada we stumbled upon Analog Coffee. They are an outlet for Fratello Coffee Roasters that started in the 1970's in Calgary and they truly take pride in every step of the process. From sourcing the bean by ethical means, to roasting it in small batches by time honoured techniques, they craft you a cup of pure Coffee bliss. See their incredible short video Documentary here: Analog Coffee

Analog Coffee is where we draw our comparisons. There is a place for fast fashion, but we are extremely different in our approach. From step A to Z we take pride in perfecting our craft similar to that of the Master Coffee Roaster, the Master Sushi Chef and all those crafts that take the very best out of their respective canvas.

We love women who are unique, strong and loving. We want to create a product that embodies the women we are inspired by, and that only means we have one method in creating our garments. Our method is to constantly perfect our craft and make our garments by ourselves for ourselves. We do not design and create to satisfy others necessarily, we only create what we ourselves would wear as when you lose sight of this, you lose your vision and you lose your purpose.

Every piece at Mode-ste will inshaAllah get better and better with time and constantly evolve because we create and control every aspect of our garments. We do not click a simple button and order from overseas, we do not take other's designs and claim them as our own, we make them with our hands, in small batches to the satisfaction of our most discerning critics, that is ourselves. 

Like the acclaimed Master Coffee Roaster, we are always following this path to the perfection of our craft. We understand that perfection is designated for the One above, but with it in our sight we will consistently ensure the refinement and elevation of our collections, year after year inshaAllah. 


Aicha C. is Wearing:

(1) Top: Essential Tunic - White

All Photography by: Photos by Farah (http://www.photosbyfarah.com/)

All Women's Pieces by: Mode-ste (www.mode-ste.com)


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    This is so cute! I can’t beileve I just found out about your photos! I’m in love with this couple :)

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