Vision 1: Artist Series - Mode-ste X Popcorn Studios


One thing we've learned over our years, as we grow older and wiser, is that you need to do you. You need to follow your passions and you need to enjoy you're time on this earth and immerse yourself in the things that make you happy. You can live a life society wants you to live, or you can live a life that has purpose, enjoyment and ultimate contentment. We are fascinated by this principle, that is, to follow your dreams, your visions and your passions, while pleasing the One above. This ultimately leads to an efficient, purposeful life that has meaning and reason.

Both Jash Malik and his wife Enum Malik of Popcorn Studios (www.popcornstudios.ca) embody this sentiment whole heartedly, and have made their passion of photography and art their means to an end. They have made this passion into their living and when we realized a collaboration was of mutual interest, we made accommodations to meet them in their home town of Toronto, Canada. What started out as an initial pitch on our end, turned into a late night chill session where we brain stormed and drank espresso throughout the night figuring out ways to formalize our ideas into a concrete item. What resulted was a full day shoot in Down Town Toronto. 

The visuals and photography were masterfully created by the husband and wife duo, while we enjoyed the ride and saw true passionate professionals in their realm creating and directing Art, not Photography. We café hopped, resto hopped and what was scheduled to be a photo shoot, really felt more like a day out with amazing friends. Popcorn studios creates photos, art and visual media while keeping the whole process seamless and light. They are truly inspirational in their nature, their charm and ultimately their passion to create meaningful work.

Aicha C. is Wearing:

(1) Top: Essential Tunic - White

(2) Skirt: Essential Pencil - Black

Enum M. is Wearing:

(1) Top: Mid Batwing - Charcoal


All Photography and Creative Direction by: Popcorn Studios (www.popcornstudios.ca)

All Women's Pieces by: Mode-ste (www.mode-ste.com)





  • cpkehnwosh

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Nigareen

    The pictures are beautiful of the two! Looking forward to shopping at mode-ste with such versatile pieces.

  • Naiha S.

    The words and photos are beautiful! THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION :)))

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